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The ongoing miniaturization race in the semiconductor chip technology: 14nm, 10nm, 7nm, 5nm, 3nm, 2nm


In recent years, the semiconductor industry has continuously reduced the size of integrated circuits, from 14nm to 10nm, 7nm, 5nm, and even 3nm and 2nm. The reduction in chip size has enabled significant improvements in the performance, features, and energy efficiency of electronic devices. However, this continuous miniaturization has also posed new technological challenges, such […]

Vietnam offers attractive incentives to attract semiconductor and AI experts


Our country is aiming to become a regional technology center in the field of semiconductor and artificial intelligence (AI) through a comprehensive development strategy and attractive investment incentives. This strategy focuses on training high-quality human resources, international cooperation, and creating a favorable business environment for investors. Effective strategy and vision for Vietnam’s semiconductor and AI […]

Development strategies aimed at the semiconductor industry reducing carbon emissions


In the context of climate change and growing global environmental challenges, semiconductor manufacturing companies face increasing pressure to minimize the environmental impact of their production activities. With their massive consumption of raw materials, energy, and water, as well as significant waste generation, the semiconductor industry plays a critical role in the effort to reduce negative […]

Critical Manufacturing and RoviSys expand strategic alliance to Southeast Asia, Japan, and Taiwan


Critical Manufacturing announces RoviSys as a Global Services Partner – Premier, expanding the collaboration between the two companies to Southeast Asia, Japan, and Taiwan. RoviSys’s elevation to this position places them among the most capable systems integration partners worldwide. Overview of Critical Manufacturing and RoviSys Critical Manufacturing Critical Manufacturing is one of the world’s leading […]

Vietnam Introduces Incentive Policies to Attract Global Semiconductor Companies


Vietnam is becoming a global semiconductor manufacturing hub. However, attracting FDI in this industry is highly competitive. To seize the opportunities, Vietnam is rolling out strategies to improve the investment environment, develop infrastructure, train human resources, and implement attractive incentive policies. The Global Semiconductor Industry Context The semiconductor industry plays a crucial role in the […]

The chip manufacturing market is forecasted to reach 1,047.4 billion USD by 2032, with the strongest growth in Asia-Pacific


The semiconductor industry is experiencing a period of significant growth worldwide. The increase in demand for technologically superior device coupled with advancements in modern technologies is driving the extension of the global semiconductor chip market. Fluctuations in the semiconductor market Political tensions and trade wars have significantly affected the supply chain and production costs of […]