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Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) increased starting salary by 40% to attract semiconductor industry talent


According to the Vietnam News Agency in Tokyo, Japanese semiconductor equipment manufacturer Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) will increase the monthly starting salary for new recruits by about 40%, breaking the mark for the first time. barrier of 300,000 JPY (about 2,121 USD). This action is expected to bring TEL’s personnel salaries on par with international […]

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How will Canon’s release of lithographic printers in 2024 affect the US-China situation?


Canon Inc. announced that it could ship nano-printing lithography (NIL) machines in 2024 or early 2025. This has raised concerns in the United States about China’s potential assistance in producing advanced chips below 7nm amid ongoing constraints. Previously, in October 2023, Canon startled the global semiconductor industry by revealing its capability to produce 2nm semiconductor […]

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Successful organizetion of VLSI Design Course, a step forward in enhancing the quality of semiconductor industry workforce


On February 20, 2024, the “VLSI Physical Design Fundamentals” course organized by FPT Semiconductor and partner organizations successfully conducted the first course session, with the attendance of over 80 participants, including students, professors, and academic assistants from both Vietnam and the United States. In the context of shortage of specialized personnel and the semiconductor industry […]

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Biodegradable semiconductor PCBs receive “extra” funding


Jiva Materials Ltd., a startup company, and the University of Portsmouth have been honored with the Knowledge Transfer Partnership award by Innovate UK for their collaboration on “Knowledge Transfer to Develop Soluboard,” a biodegradable printed circuit board (PCB) in the semiconductor industry. PCBs, widely used in the semiconductor industry, contain heavy metals, have low biodegradability, […]

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Congratulations to the first students of the IC chip design courseorganized by NIC, FPT Semiconductor, and reputable educational organizations


On February 16, 2024, the training course “Fundamentals of VLSI Physical Design” organized by the collaboration of FPT Semiconductor and other prestigious organizations, announced the admission results after more than a week of talent recruitment announcements. Accordingly, 76 talented students have been awarded a 100% scholarship by the course’s Board of Course Organization. In the […]

Infineon and Honda Enter Semiconductor Collaboration for Electric Vehicles


Earlier in 2024, Infineon Technologies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a strategic collaboration with Honda for the next-generation electric vehicles. Beyond semiconductor solutions, the MoU also addresses the discussion of “supply chain stability”. In the fields of electrical systems and IoT, Infineon Technologies is considered as one of the world’s leading semiconductor […]