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PMIC – The “Energy Core” of EV


Since 2020, following the outbreak of Covid-19 and the resulting global economic slowdown, along with a series of changes in consumer behavior, the electric vehicle industry has been undergoing significant reform. The global chip crisis post Covid-19 pandemic Faced with natural disasters, pandemics, and escalating US-China conflicts, the global semiconductor supply chain has encountered numerous […]

Semiconductor Market

STMicroelectronics CEO sees China as A Dynamic Semiconductor Market amidst the China-US Conflict


Amid escalating chip tensions between the United States and China over semiconductor technology, French-Italian semiconductor giant STMicroelectronics remains steadfast in its commitment to China as a key growth market, according to CEO Jean-Marc Chery. STMicroelectronics considers China a growing semiconductor Market In 2022, China only held the 6th place in the semiconductor market (7%), and […]

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Malaysia: The Unexpected Winner Behind the US-China “Semiconductor Industry War”


Amidst the escalating US-China conflict and a series of harsh sanctions, Penang, Malaysia has unexpectedly become an investment destination for numerous semiconductor companies worldwide, seeking contingency plans to mitigate business risks from political disruptions. This strategy is also called the “China + 1” approach. >> Read more US-China Conflict News HERE Unexpectedly Becoming the Winner […]

Automotive Chip

TSMC’s Dominance in the Automotive Chip Sector: Revolutionizing Mobility


With the fast development of automotive technology, the demand for advanced semiconductor chips has surged dramatically in recent years. From enhancing vehicle safety features to enabling autonomous driving capabilities, these chips have become the backbone of modern automobiles. Among the key players in this sector, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) stands out as a dominant […]

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How does the Semiconductor Chip Shortage affect Vietnam’s Automotive Industry?


Since late 2020, the global semiconductor chip crisis has caused shortages in the automobile industry, particularly in Vietnam, affecting the supply chain and resulting in delays and fewer the number of new cars being introduced to the market. The Role of Semiconductor Chips in the Automotive Industry “Semiconductor chips are essential to the development of […]

foundry market

Taiwan is Expected to Dominate 70% of the Global Foundry Market Shares in 2024


Taiwan, well-knowned for its technological ability, is on the journey of solidifying its dominance in the global foundry market. Market analysts at TrendForce have forecasted a significant surge, predicting that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and its regional counterparts will claim a remarkable 70% share of the global foundry market by 2024. Take a look […]