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“Strong together” – Notable message from the largest semiconductor and electronics supply chain event in Southeast Asia


SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024 will gather industry experts and leaders on May 28-30 2024 at MITEC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for insights into the latest trends and innovations in workforce development, sustainability, supply chain management, and other crucial business concerns. Themed Boosting Agility and Resiliency of the Global Electronics Supply Chain, this region’s premier global electronics manufacturing and supply chain event connects microelectronics industry professionals with the goal of being “stronger together”.

SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024 put forward the goal of being “stronger together”

Source: Semicon Southeast Asia 2024

This event brings in the most recent market and technology trends, showcases the most cutting-edge products, and connects the industry’s decision-makers. Through diverse events and programs, SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024 unites the highly diversified global electronics supply chain to address the biggest opportunities and challenges in the semiconductor sector. The tools, supplies, devices, software, and services that enable technology to build a smarter world are offered by member firms. Southeast Asian nations and their semiconductor companies will come together for this event to pool their resources and efforts to accelerate innovation for improved business outcomes and move “STRONGER TOGETHER” forward as one.

Moreover, this event also offers a special forum for bringing together all aspects of the global electronics supply chain to discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities within the semiconductor industry.

Explore market and industry trends to find “strong together” opportunities

Source: Semicon Southeast Asia 2024

The development of the digital society, climate change, and increased geopolitical tensions are making the semiconductor market environment more complex and uncertain. The Market and Industry Trends Forum will take place at Semicon Southeast Asia in 2024. This forum gives attendees the information they need to make strategic decisions and business plans while also helping them understand current market trends and important industry drivers.

Collaborate cross-border to empower the regional semiconductor industry

Source: Semicon Southeast Asia 2024

Businesses have been trying to rewire their supply chains in response to the increasing geopolitical tensions. Nowadays, semiconductor businesses are moving to Southeast Asia to set up operations. In the SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024, the Southeast Asia Roundtable Discussion provides a platform to discuss collaborating as a regional ecosystem to better strengthen and elevate Southeast Asia’s position in the global value chain.

Bring together technology experts to find innovative solutions to become stronger together

The design of contemporary electronic systems is being altered by the rapidly changing chiplet technological environment in the context of heterogeneous integration. Compared to monolithic designs that make use of the most cutting-edge design nodes, it may be possible to achieve comparable performance at a significantly lower cost with heterogeneous multi-chiplet architectures. Advanced packaging technology is essential to the functioning of next-generation systems, such as automotive, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing (HPC). Technology experts gather at this summit to talk about the packaging industry’s vision for the future, as well as the difficulties involved in integrating and delivering end-to-end or subsystem solutions.

Revolutionizing human resources management to build a stronger workforce

The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Human Resources (HR) Analytics, and Multigeneration Talent Management has emerged as a key area of focus for companies seeking to thrive in the changing workplace environment in a time defined by both demographic diversity and technology breakthroughs. The purpose of SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024 is to examine and talk about the revolutionary effects of AI and HR Analytics on HR management and the coexistence of Gen Z, Millennials, and older generations in the modern workplace. Its goal is to give HR specialists and business executives the skills and resources they need to successfully manage the complexity of a multigenerational workforce while utilizing artificial intelligence.

In conclusion

SEMICON SEA 2024 seeks to investigate innovative technologies that are revolutionizing the microelectronics industry and facilitating intelligent applications. Leading innovators and manufacturers will have the ideal chance to network, collaborate, create, and grow stronger than ever before. Together with other Southeast Asian semiconductor players, FPT Semiconductor will unite in the journey towards goals of advanced packaging technology, human resources management revolution, and advanced product testing. For more up-to-date event information, subscribe to our news HERE and register to join the SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024 event!