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Semicon Southeast Asia – Event to connect and promote the semiconductor industry in Southeast Asia


At the end of May 2024, the SEMICON Southeast Asia Summit will officially take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the theme “Enhancing the Flexibility and Resilience of the Global Electronics Supply Chain”.

As one of the eight largest semiconductor industry events globally, and the largest in the region for the semiconductor and electronics supply chain, how does Semicon SEA influence countries in the region, following in its footsteps? Let’s explore in the article below.

Organizational context of Semicon Southeast Asia

2024 marks the revival of the global semiconductor industry in general, and Southeast Asia in particular, with many potentials and positive moves. In the context of the trade war and the increasingly fierce US-China semiconductor war, along with the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war, Southeast Asia appears as a promised land for countries eager to promote the semiconductor industry and expand supply chains, minimizing risks from global geopolitical conflicts.

That is also the reason Semicon Southeast Asia – Semicon Southeast Asia Conference is organized with a view to motivating countries in the region to continue expanding, diversifying supply chains, and attracting major foreign investment.

In the region, Malaysia is the most prominent name in terms of its ability to attract investment and is in the top 10 largest semiconductor manufacturing centers for wafer production in the global chip market. Malaysia’s semiconductor industry started in the early 1970s. It has existed for 50 years and is a solid foundation for moving up the value chain. Therefore, Malaysia has a complete say in the region and was chosen to host the event.

SEMICON SEA’s influence on Southeast Asian countries

With the theme ‘Enhancing the Flexibility and Resilience of the Global Electronics Supply Chain’, the event brings together leaders and business experts in the Southeast Asia semiconductor industry to focus on discussing key issues. The latest trends, developments, and opportunities shape the future of the semiconductor industry.

Semicon Southeast Asia brings together leading figures in the Southeast Asian semiconductor industry

After several months of announcing event information, Semicon SEA has attracted more than 1,000 booths (double the size of 2023) with more than 20,000 expected attendees, making this the largest gathering of semiconductor and electrical supply chains in Southeast Asia

Not limited just to the region, this event also has the presence of booths and delegations from global semiconductor powers such as China, Europe, Philippines, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, …

Semicon SEA attracts tens of thousands of participants each year

Here, key semiconductor industry topics are discussed including: supply chain resilience, sustainability, smart manufacturing, and a focus on workforce development,… Along with comprehensive R&D capabilities, the Semicon Southeast Asia Conference has become an important exhibition for the electronics industry in Southeast Asia. The exhibition connects industry decision-makers, showcases the most advanced products, and brings the most up-to-date technology and market trends. Bringing solutions to industry challenges that can best be addressed at the event.

Holding the title of a reputable organizer, along with urgent and sustainable content topics, and a force of experienced experts assisting in the organizing process, Semicon SEA attracts a large number of participants seeking development solutions.

As the leading semiconductor enterprise in Vietnam participating in Semicon Southeast Asia 2024, FPT Semiconductor appears with a strategy to bring Vietnamese chips to the global market.

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