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Meet the Inspiring Women in the Global Semiconductor Industry


“Women in Technology” is always a “hot”, yet controversial topic when it comes to suitability. However, as today’s modern world value talent, regardless of age or gender, women are winning their deserved recognition. The ever-evolving technology industry in general, and semiconductor industry in particular, always demand high intelligence, sharpness, perseverance, and precision. Aren’t those the qualities that women inherently possess?

Semiconductor Industry

Let’s break free from gender stereotypes in the technology field and, specifically, in semiconductor industry. Join FPT Semiconductor in “meeting” remarkable women who are making waves in the global semiconductor industry.

5 Female Leaders of the Global Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor Industry

  • Lisa Su – The leader that revive AMD

Lisa Su was appointed as CEO of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in 2014 when the company was “drowning” in debt and facing bankruptcy. Despite such formidable challenges, Su felt “truly excited”. She explained that she enjoy the the feeling of wandering around Best Buy, picking up any laptop and discovering that the chips and processors used were manufactured by her company.

With talent, passionate dedication, and a hint of daring, Lisa Su has won the game. Under her lead, since in 2014, AMD’s stock has surged from under $2 to $161.91 on November 29, 2021. Up till now, AMD continues to reach new heights on the stock market, surpassing the $200 silestone.

Starting out with a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate in electrical engineering, her interest in the semiconductor industry started at MIT. As a doctoral candidate, Lisa Su was one of the first researchers to look at silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology. Her groundbreaking research on SOI contributed significantly to semiconductor efficiency, a technology widely used today for enhancing microchip performance or reducing their energy consumption. Once again affirming, Lisa Su has chosen the “destiny” semiconductor industry for her life-long career.

  • Lalitha Suryanarayana – Vice President, Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions at Infineon Technologies

Working in the energy, automotive, and Internet of Things sectors, Lalitha Suryanarayana engages in strategic programs related to wireless connectivity, data services, software, and ecosystems. Her had experiences in previous roles including senior positions at Qualcomm Technologies and AT&T.

Suryanarayana has successfully published a technical book, along with various technical papers, and 48 patents, earning recognition for her contributions to standardizing independent web and mobile device technologies.

  • Karuna Annavajjala – Karuna Annavajjala – Vice President and CIO at Silicon Labs

As CIO, Karuna Annavajjala oversees Silicon Labs’ IT services globally, focusing on strategic planning, business application platforms, infrastructure services, network security, IT services, and data privacy in the company’s global operations.

She also held CIO position at AIG, where her main responsibilities focused on the company’s operations. In this role, she developed and implemented strategies revolving around applications, processes, and IT platforms supporting the company’s global activities. This involve in legal and compliance aspect, digital marketing, business services, and human resources.

Annavajjala’s impressive educational background includes an MBA, a Master’s in Computer Science, a Bachelor’s in Engineering, and an executive leadership certificate. This remarkable leader also actively participates in non-profit organizations, both nationally and internationally, to educate girls about STEM.

  • Debora Shoquist – COO at NVIDIA

Debora Shoquist’s current responsibilities at NVIDIA include overseeing IT, supply chain, and operations, including product manufacturing, test engineering, supplier management, contract manufacturing, operations planning, facilities, and quality management. She is also the key supervisor of the new-under construction building at the company’s headquarters in Santa Clara.

With a decade of experience working for other companies, Shoquist has shown commitment to the brands she collaborates with. She holds a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Biology.

  • Rani Borkar – Vice President of Azure Hardware Systems and Infrastructure at Microsoft

Aside from being the Vice President at Microsoft, Rani Borkar is a key member of Azure’s senior leadership team. She plays a crucial role in building the cloud computing platform for Microsoft and is responsible for everything from silicon to supply chain.

Known as a pioneering hardware engineer, visionary product operator, and trustworthy leader, Borkar actively empowers customers, achieving impressive milestones, contributing to Azure’s status as a leading cloud computing platform, serving over 95% of the Fortune 500.

Borkar has been a keynote speaker at top technical leadership conferences, empowering women in technology. She also holds a position on the board of directors at GSA (Global Semiconductor Alliance).

2 Vietnamese Female Engineers Leaving impressive Marks in the Global Semiconductor Industry

  • Lê Duy Loan – Senior Fellow at Texas Instruments – an effort to prove Vietnamese talent

Lê Duy Loan, a globally remarkable expert in semiconductor industry, holds the unique position of being the first Asian woman to receive the title “Senior Fellow” at the famous semiconductor firm, Texas Instruments. With 24 U.S. patents, including 4 pioneering ones, Loan has significantly contributed to the development of modern computer technology.

Semiconductor Industry

Recognized as one of the top ten speakers in the United States during the last two decades, she is frequently invited to speak at famous universities and large organizations/ enterprises.

Despite facing language barriers, societal prejudices, and cultural differences after moving to the U.S. with her family at the age of 12, Duy Loan pursued education diligently. She graduated as valedictorian at 16, began working at TI at 19, and was promoted to product design management within 7 years of employment.

Duy Loan believes in the power of diligence and effort to overcome any obstacle, consistently proving to Americans and the world that the Vietnamese are as intelligent and capable as they are.

  • Nguyễn Thị Bích Yến – Senior Expert at Motorola

Graduated the University of Texas, one of the top 10 renowned public universities in the U.S., Mrs. Bích Yến earned her Chemical Engineering degree in 1977. She started her career at the City of Austin and later joined Motorola, where she has been working till this day.

Recognized for her innovations in CMOS semiconductor technology for advanced IC products since 1980, Yến has made significant contributions to the practical application of these innovations in production. Leading a team of experts in four research departments, she has been crucial in developing new products in the nano-scale technology field. Bích Yến currently holds over 100 patents and is frequently invited to lecture on current and future CMOS semiconductor technology at universities and conferences worldwide.

Once again, these talented women from around the world, and specifically from Vietnam, assert their huge influence, affirm that there is no profession where women cannot excel. On International Women’s Day, let’s express gratitude and honor for their significant contributions to life and, specifically, to the semiconductor industry.