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FPT Semiconductor’s YEP 2023 – Wrapping up a year of companionship and growth


On January 29th, FPT Semiconductor, along with the FNB ‘family’ (NB Group of FPT Information System), participated in the meaningful ‘Shoot for The Moon’ year-end party summarizing 2023 and kicking off 2024.

FPT Semiconductor

This is an opportunity for members of FIS-NB in general, and FPT Semiconductor in particular, to reflect on a memorable year, where there were challenges, difficulties, and also breakthroughs, milestones that shaped the history of Fsemi. At this YEP night, Fsemi’ers also had the chance to connect with colleagues, and partners who share a similar spirit, aiming towards 2024 with extraordinary goals.


Sharing at the party, Mr. Nguyen Vinh Quang – Director of FPT Semiconductor, outlined the strategic goals for 2024, in particular, and the 2024-2030 period in general. According to him, FPT Semiconductor will continue to demonstrate high determination and take practical actions to achieve the Revenue goals, Develop and penetrate more global markets, especially Japan, and affirm the brand position as ‘Chip made in Vietnam by FPT’ globally. Concluding his speech, the FPT Semiconductor leadership expressed gratitude to all the staff of the Semiconductor family for accompanying and developing together.

Apart from sharing the goals for 2024, the FPT Semiconductor family also had moments of excitement and immersed themselves in the festive atmosphere with the performance ‘One Round in Vietnam.’ prepared by the employees. The performance not only helped FPT Semiconductor integrate into the vibrant atmosphere of the entire FNB block, but it also brought the third prize for the company, as one of the most impressive performances.

Ending the party in a joyful and fulfilled atmosphere, this meaningful year-end activity allowed the entire FPT Semiconductor to release stress after a hard-working year and closer the bond, stepping forward together towards the future.