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FPT Semiconductor’s First Participation at Semicon Southeast Asia 2024 Showcases Vietnamese Chips on the Global Stage


Semicon Southeast Asia 2024, an important event for the regional electronics industry, officially kicked off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on May 28. With the theme “Boosting Agility and Resiliency of the Global Electronics Supply Chain”, the event aims to discuss key topics driving the semiconductor industry, including sustainability, smart manufacturing, and workforce development. This is the first year that FPT Semiconductor participated in the Semicon Southeast Asia event as a representative of the Vietnamese semiconductor industry, joining in discussions about the development of the global semiconductor supply chain. Tailored towards the dream of mastering the whole chip manufacturing process from design to production and packaging, FPT Semiconductor wants to put “Make in Vietnam” chips on display at international exhibitions. Thereby, Vietnamese chips can reach foreign partners and experts, raising Vietnamese chips on the world semiconductor map. This exhibition not only provides an opportunity for FPT Semiconductor to assert its position but also marks an important step in increasing the influence of Vietnam’s semiconductor industry regionally and globally.

The Potential for Vietnam’s Semiconductor Industry Development

Amidst the trend of the semiconductor value chain gradually shifting to Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is considered to have all the conditions and necessary factors to promote the semiconductor industry.

The highly skilled and specialized workforce

According to a report by World Economics, by 2022, Vietnam will be ranked in the top 10 countries with the highest rate of engineering graduates globally, with more than 40% of students graduating with majors in science and engineering. These are young labor sources with professional knowledge and high technical qualifications for the field of science and technology. It is expected that by 2030, the government aims to train an additional 50,000 engineers for the Vietnamese semiconductor industry.

Government Support Incentives & Policies

Currently, the government is implementing a project to develop human resources in the semiconductor industry to soon achieve the goal that by 2030, Vietnamese engineers will be able to be deeply involved in the design process of modern semiconductor circuits. In addition, the Ministry of Information and Communications is also drafting a national strategy for the semiconductor industry. On the other hand, diplomatic visits by state leaders also significantly support cooperation opportunities with other countries with developed semiconductor industries.

Strategic Geographic Location

Vietnam is located in the heart of Southeast Asia, with the advantage of easy connection to the region’s leading semiconductor markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. This creates favorable conditions for Vietnam to become an ideal destination for building a semiconductor chip production and distribution base in Southeast Asia. Besides, Vietnam has great potential to expand export activities and attract FDI capital when bordering China and near India – two markets with great demand for technology products.

The world’s second-largest reserve of rare earth resources

Rare earth plays an irreplaceable role in the production of high-tech devices such as electric car batteries, phones, airplanes, or wind turbines. According to data from the US Geological Survey in 2022, Vietnam owns about 22 million tons of rare earth, accounting for 18% of total rare earth reserves globally, second only to China with about 44 million tons. With such large rare earth reserves, the Vietnamese semiconductor industry easily attracts the attention of foreign investors and has so far received a large amount of investment capital from other countries such as Korea.

The dream of being self-sufficient in Vietnam’s entire chip production process

On January 16, 2008, Vietnam’s first chip was born, marking an important turning point in the history of the country’s semiconductor industry. Developed by a group of lecturers and young engineers at the Circuit Design Research and Training Center (ICDREC) of Ho Chi Minh City National University, this chip is recognized as one of the 10 scientific and technological milestones. country that year. However, despite initial success, Vietnamese chips gradually disappeared from the market due to a lack of customers and a long-term strategy.

In the following years, Vietnam persisted in pursuing the dream of independence in the semiconductor industry. FPT, Vietnam’s leading technology company, began participating in this field by recruiting Vietnamese engineers from abroad and fulfilling chip processing orders for large companies. By 2022, in the context of the world’s “thirst” for semiconductor chips, FPT officially established FPT Semiconductor and launched its first power chip product, affirming its strong progress in the industry.

With the explosion of smart devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for different types of chips is also increasingly diverse. However, many customers cannot ask big brands to customize the power chip design according to their own requirements. That is FPT Semiconductor’s opportunity. When proposing a product design according to the partner’s needs, the company immediately received an order. In nearly two years, FPT Semiconductor has launched three power chip lines, selling more than 25 million products.

FPT Semiconductor introduces “Make in Vietnam, made by FPT” chips at Semicon Southeast Asia 2024 event

At the Semicon Southeast Asia 2024 event, FPT Semiconductor made a strong impression on visitors when introducing the “Make in Vietnam, made by FPT” chip. With three outstanding strengths including high performance at a reasonable cost, customized ICs, and reliability from global customers, FPT Semiconductor confidently asserts its competitive position. Besides, FPT’s chips are priced at only 50 – 60% of the market price, however, the performance still reaches 90% compared to major brands and comes with the ability to customize according to customer needs. FPT Semiconductor’s team of highly qualified engineers is also the intellectual foundation for “made in Vietnam” chips to score points in the eyes of international customers.

Competitive advantages help FPT Semiconductor confidently conquer foreign customers

The power chip is specifically customized at a reasonable price

FPT Semiconductor provides chip products at prices only 50-60% of the market price, but the performance and quality are not inferior to any other products. FPT’s IC products help customers save costs while still receiving high-quality products at the most reasonable prices.

A team of highly qualified and dedicated engineers

A team of experienced R&D and engineers helps FPT’s semiconductor solutions always meet the highest standards of reliability and quality for global customers. In its long-term development strategy, FPT Semiconductor aims to train 10,000 semiconductor IC engineers from now to 2030. FPT University pioneered the establishment of the first IC department in Vietnam to achieve this goal. At the same time, creating attractive policies to attract and retain leading experts in the world as well as overseas Vietnamese who are well-known in the industry to work in Vietnam is one of the employee recruitment strategies.

Trusted by global customers

FPT Semiconductor’s reputation is proof of its commitment to quality, helping the company become a trusted partner of foreign partners. FPT’s IC products and solutions are widely used in many different industries such as smart devices, medical electronics, automotive electronics, etc. Recently, FPT Semiconductor received orders for 70 million chips for 2024 and 2025 from customers in Taiwan (China), Korea, and Japan in the field of medical equipment and electronic applications.

In conclusion

At the Semicon Southeast Asia 2024 event, new opportunities for connection and cooperation were discovered, thereby opening up promising prospects for the regional semiconductor industry. At this event, FPT Semiconductor had the opportunity to present advanced chip products and introduce its breakthrough technology initiatives which received attention and appreciation from many international partners. This is the first event that creates a premise for FPT Semiconductor to continue the journey of bringing Vietnamese chips to the world at other large-scale international events in the future!

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