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FPT Semiconductor Joins Semicon Southeast Asia 2024: A Strategic Move to Elevate Vietnam’s Industry Prestige


Scheduled for May 28–30 in Kuala Lumpur, Semicon Southeast Asia 2024 is set to be one of the most pivotal events for the semiconductor industry in the region, gathering top industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders. And FPT Semiconductor is one of the notable participants this year, a key player in Vietnam’s rapidly evolving semiconductor landscape. FPT Semiconductor’s involvement in this prestigious event marks a strategic move aimed at elevating both our corporate development and the position of Vietnam’s semiconductor industry on the global stage.

FPT Semiconductor’s Strategic Alignment with its Vision at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024

Semicon Southeast Asia is a premier event that showcases the latest advancements and innovations in the semiconductor industry. It will attract thousands of participants, including industry leaders, technologists, and market experts. The event serves as a platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, featuring keynotes, exhibitions, and technical sessions. FPT Semiconductor has outlined several key objectives for our participation in Semicon Southeast Asia 2024, all of which align with our broader strategic vision:

Networking and Partnerships

One of the primary goals for FPT Semiconductor is to connect with industry leaders, potential partners, and clients. By engaging with a diverse array of stakeholders, FPT Semiconductor aims to forge strategic alliances that can drive future growth and innovation.

Showcasing Innovations


FPT Semiconductor plans to showcase the latest technological advancements and products. This is a crucial opportunity to demonstrate FPT Semiconductor’s capabilities and innovations, positioning the company as a cutting-edge player in the semiconductor market. Understanding the critical importance of cost-effectiveness in today’s fiercely competitive market, FPT Semiconductor provides energy-efficient chip products that assist clients achieve competitive prices of their final products. With FPT Semiconductor, customized chips tailored to specific requirements are available at just 50-60% of the market price, ensuring no compromise on quality or performance. Therefore, customers can get significant cost savings while maintaining unique and high-quality solutions.

Brand Building and Market Expansion

FPT Semiconductor’s sterling reputation reflects its unwavering dedication to excellence. Over the years, global partners and clients have trusted FPT Semiconductor with their semiconductor needs, confident in its ability to deliver reliable solutions that drive success. FPT Semiconductor’s IC products and solutions are widely utilized across various industries, including smart devices, medical electronics, automotive electronics, and more.

Participating in SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024 significantly enhances FPT Semiconductor’s brand visibility and reputation. The company aims to strengthen its brand presence not only regionally but also globally, establishing itself as a more trusted and innovative semiconductor manufacturer.

Talent Acquisition

FPT Semiconductor’s team is the cornerstone of our success. Comprising seasoned professionals in R&D and engineering, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every product and project. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, our team ensures that our semiconductor solutions consistently meet the highest standards of quality and reliability for our global clients. We believe that showcasing FPT Semiconductor’s cutting-edge work and dynamic company culture is also a strategic move to attract top talent. Engaging with a global audience helps FPT Semiconductor to identify and recruit skilled professionals who can drive future growth and innovation.

FPT Semiconductor’s strategic participation will make a significant impact on the Vietnamese Semiconductor Industry

Industry Growth and Development

FPT Semiconductor’s active participation in this high-profile event serves as a significant catalyst for growth and development within Vietnam’s growing semiconductor industry. By showcasing its expertise and innovative capabilities on an international stage, FPT Semiconductor not only underscores Vietnam’s potential as a key player in the global technology sector but also attracts potential investors and collaborators. This engagement demonstrates Vietnam’s readiness to compete and excel in the semiconductor market, highlighting its technological advancements and strategic importance.

Government and Industry Support

The Vietnamese government always offers policies to support and promote attracting foreign investment capital into the semiconductor industry. The semiconductor industry is considered one of the key industries focused on development in the coming years. Policies to reduce taxes and build appropriate facilities have been implemented to create an ideal environment for foreign semiconductor businesses to invest in. These measures not only help reduce operating costs but also create favorable conditions for research and development, thereby improving the competitiveness of Vietnam’s semiconductor industry in the international arena.

In conclusion

SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024 represents a significant milestone for FPT Semiconductor. By participating in this prestigious event, FPT Semiconductor not only has the chance to enhance our own brand and capabilities but also contribute to the growth and development of Vietnam’s semiconductor industry. This strategic move underscores FPT Semiconductor’s commitment to innovation, talent development, and industry leadership.

Please follow and update the FPT Semiconductor’s journey during Semicon Southeast Asia 2024. For industry stakeholders, this is an excellent opportunity to engage with FPT Semiconductor at booth 1320 at SEMICON SEA 2024 to explore potential collaborations that can drive mutual growth and success!