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Critical Manufacturing and RoviSys expand strategic alliance to Southeast Asia, Japan, and Taiwan


Critical Manufacturing announces RoviSys as a Global Services Partner – Premier, expanding the collaboration between the two companies to Southeast Asia, Japan, and Taiwan. RoviSys’s elevation to this position places them among the most capable systems integration partners worldwide.

Overview of Critical Manufacturing and RoviSys

Critical Manufacturing

Critical Manufacturing is one of the world’s leading providers of manufacturing execution management system (MES) solutions. Their MES solutions are designed to meet the needs of manufacturers in the context of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Critical Manufacturing’s MES solutions are built on a modern technology foundation, including features such as:

  • Integrate data from various sources to provide real-time information and analysis.
  • Automate production and quality management processes.
  • Scalability and integration with other systems in the enterprise.
  • Analyze data to support accurate decision-making.

These features help manufacturers improve performance, quality, and competitiveness in the context of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.


RoviSys is a leading automation solutions and consulting company, operating independently and not affiliated with any device manufacturer. The company specializes in providing comprehensive automation solutions for processes, factories, and buildings in many different industries.

With a team of experienced engineers and experts, RoviSys is capable of designing, installing, and integrating advanced automation systems, handling the diverse needs of each project and customer. The company provides devices, software, and comprehensive consulting, planning, implementation, and maintenance services.

Alliance expansion strategy to Southeast Asia, Japan, and Taiwan

To strengthen and expand its position, RoviSys is implementing a strategy to develop a strategic alliance with Critical Manufacturing on a global scale. One of RoviSys’s main priorities is to expand its presence and cooperation in potential markets such as Southeast Asia, Japan, and Taiwan.

These markets are emerging with diverse and varied sectors.

These regions are experiencing strong growth in many key industries such as electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. Demand for high-quality manufacturing process automation and manufacturing execution management (MES) solutions here is growing rapidly.

With extensive experience and expertise in this field, RoviSys is considered the ideal partner to deploy and develop Critical Manufacturing’s MES solutions in these emerging markets.

Upgrade RoviSys to become a premium Global Service Partner of Critical Manufacturing.

To accelerate our expansion into new markets, RoviSys is upgraded to Critical Manufacturing’s “Premium Global Services Partner” status. It allows RoviSys deeper access to Critical Manufacturing’s resources, technologies, and support programs.

With this new position, RoviSys will be able to provide more comprehensive deployment, integration, and maintenance services of Critical Manufacturing’s MES solutions in target regions. This will help strengthen RoviSys’ service delivery capabilities while enhancing the partner value they bring to customers.

“Building upon our existing partnership, we have strengthened our joint capabilities and resources to better serve our clients. With upgraded expertise and innovative solutions, we will deliver even greater value and support to manufacturers as they advance in their digital transformation journeys”, explained Will Trogdon, VP for the partner ecosystem at Critical Manufacturing.

Objective to expand new markets

For strategic cooperation and upgrading its position with Critical Manufacturing, RoviSys will aim to expand operations to Southeast Asia, Japan, and Taiwan markets soon.

These regions are considered key markets, with great demand for industrial automation and advanced production management solutions. By leveraging RoviSys’ highly qualified workforce, operational experience, and extensive expertise, the company will help accelerate the deployment of Critical Manufacturing’s MES solutions in these emerging markets.

RoviSys will leverage maximum resources after receiving support from Critical Manufacturing.

Benefits and implementation plan

RoviSys can guide businesses through the entire project lifecycle, helping them get the most out of Critical Manufacturing’s MES solution. This brings many benefits to customers, including increased operational efficiency, reduced waste, and improved decision-making based on real-time data.

RoviSys has completed many complex projects and is working on projects across the country APAC, EMEA, and North America. This demonstrates RoviSys’ capabilities and reputation in providing leading technology solutions to diverse customers. This advantage helps RoviSys understand customer needs and provide appropriate and optimal solutions.

“Together, RoviSys and Critical Manufacturing are not merely keeping pace but forging ahead, implementing solutions that exceed standards in many industries,” said Yi Han Lee, Engineering Manager – Information Data Systems at RoviSys Asia.

RoviSys has strategically invested in training and human resources in Asia Pacific, with trained resources in Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia Europe, and North America. This also helps RoviSys provide a team of experts who understand the needs and conditions in the Asian region, while also combining knowledge and experience from other markets, creating a superior competitive advantage for RoviSys when implementing projects in Asia.


Together with rich experience, comprehensive guidance capabilities, and investment strategy in human resources, in the future, RoviSys can bring optimal solutions, suitable for businesses in potential markets. Let’s follow the results of RoviSys’ journey to “encroach the field” here at FPT Semiconductor!